Imogen Barford
Imogen Barford is dedicated to individual teaching of the highest calibre. Her teaching philosophy involves a holistic approach to the student, understanding that great performances harness all the powers of the mind, body, heart and soul. Together, student and teacher search for the easiest and most comfortable way to play for that individual, informed by knowledge of how the hands and arms are supported by flexibility and balance in the whole body and head. An easy, well-supported and balanced technique allows the fullest expression of heartfelt musicianship, which is of course the central aim.

Imogen teaches students to develop their acuity of hearing and their analytic skills to understand their challenges deeply and to learn how to practice effectively and efficiently, and she encourages students to use the power of the mind to control nerves and improve concentration and memory. The enquiring mind of the student is also engaged in building well-informed and tasteful interpretations.

In her study of the Alexander Technique, Imogen has come to understand how habitual, unnoticed tensions and stiffness in the whole body, can impact on the ease of movement in the arms, hands and feet; as these tensions are gradually released, students begin to experience real ‘flow’ in their playing as well as ease of musical expression and communication.

Imogen’s students come from the UK, all over Europe, and the Far East. When they leave, they play professionally: Hannah Stone is currently Royal Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales; they play in orchestras from Thailand, to Singapore, Belgrade, Graz and Germany; and they win prizes, most recently in the Wales International Harp Competition and the Reinl Competition.